Newlands Corner

  Surrey Wildlife Trust -Visitor’s Centre

Surrey Wildlife Trust  should  Capitalise – more on the Visitor’s Centre ..
Why not  team up  with the RSPB ..?
The Centre has  well visited  Bird feeders outside . (You can see the birds from within the Vistor’s Centre )
The Centre  could sell Bird Feeders, Bird Food, Books about GB birds.. as well  as Birthday, or Greeting Cards – supplied by the RSPB.. ?
As well  as publications on British Wildlife – British Mammals etc ..
It seems  ironic that Surrey Wildlife  has  teamed up  with  Surrey County Council – on these  ill thoughtout  Radical redevelopment  proposals  for  Newlands Corner .
How can an Organisation  set up  to protect  Wildlife ..  now  endorse  proposals  which threaten a protected species .. ?
( the Dormice  at  Newlands Corner  – ‘ it is illegal to endanger  such protected  species, OR  disturb, or destroy  their Habitat ‘ Wildlife Protection Act 1981 )